Back to Life

OUR PHONE hasn't worked for several days. Actually, it's been months since it started carrying more static than voices, but then it dropped out completely on Thursday night. And worse of all: No Internet. I suppose having the water cut off would have been worse, but it's a close call. 

The phone line to the house was replaced yesterday. So we're back on-line, and once again getting phone calls where the phone rings properly. For two months, we had the ultimate in call screening: if the houseline gave its abbreviate ring, we didn't rush to the phone, since we knew the line would conk out in a second. And if the person didn't call us back on my cell phone... well, obviously we didn't want to talk with them in the first place, did we? 

Surprisingly, not being able to post on this website hurt more than I anticipated. I have videos to post, things to write, errors to fix, templates to improve.... not having internet really puts a damper on your online life, y'know? Even though this site has been up for less than a week, posting here seems so familiar, so much of my everyday routine, that being denied that process for a few days was painful. 

Just bought an iPhone app today called "Streaks".  It's supposed to work on the same "Don't Break the Chain" method that Seinfeld famously used. Essentially, it helps build momentum in whatever pursuits you're striving for: anyone can slack off for a night, or two, or three, but when you have an unbroken chain of successes behind you, you're motivated to continue your streak. 

Seinfeld used a large wall calendar to mark off the days that he wrote new material. Now he'd probably use an app on his Apple Watch. Speaking of which, I'd love to hear what new materials he'd come up with about an Apple Watch. That would be something to mark on your calendar.