what are we lookin' at? 

Video and Podcasts – Kinda self-explanatory, right? Some of my video work and podcasts. 

Comms Advice - A resource for current and future Communications Professionals, especially those who have taken the "Communicating in Government" course at the University of Ottawa. 

The MuseRoom - Instead of yelling by ourselves at the TV, let's yell on Twitter together about TV shows, Movies, and Books. Let's bang our heads against the wall to the rhythm of TV news hits, and rant about bad news coverage, politicians, and general craziness. . 

John's Blog - "From the Editor's Desk." Somewhere between the  almost 'crazy uncle' rantings of the MuseRoom, but quite the "The Walton's" stories you'll find in "Family". 

Stories -Various short stories and creative ideas. Mostly from A Long Time Ago, but perhaps a few newbies will pop in too.  . 

Family - A curated combination of all of the above, but password protected for family. Pics and videos, stories and rants.